The capital group implements the strategic goals set out in the updated strategy announced June 2020 (Current Report No. 30/2020). Within its framework, extensive support and accompanying activities are carried out.

The activities undertaken in recent months and planned to be implemented in the near future include mainly:

  1. Effective production and global distribution of mobile games.
  2. Increasing the range of games with the use of profitable marketing.
  3. Continuously increasing the satisfaction and commitment of players, and consequently the monetization of games.
  4. Increasing revenues from the game portfolio outside of mobile platforms in cooperation with external partners.
  5. Searching and prototyping new game concepts.

We are innovative and dynamic. We work in small, agile teams, we care about the company’s culture and the quality of the work environment. The games we release are produced by internal teams and obtained through a publishing program from external producers. The unique technologies that we create and work on ensure high competitiveness of our games.

Vivid Games S.A. is a public company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and has offices in Bydgoszcz and Warsaw.