Vivid Games
is one of the leading polish mobile game developers and publishers

Vivid Games S.A. is one of the leading Polish producers of games for mobile platforms. For more than 15 years it has been creating amazing titles, such as those of the Real Boxing series - the most recognized brand among boxing games in the world. For its achievements, the company has received many awards including "Best Independent Producer" and "Best Polish Game of the Year" by the Digital Dragons, or the prestigious Apple award "Editors' Choice". Vivid Games is a team of approx. 70 people guided by the mission to create games that give players loads of entertainment at the highest level. To realize this goal we take the risk of searching for new unknown directions while setting the bar high for ourselves. The vision of the team is to be a world-class mobile game studio with a portfolio of globally successful titles, assuming non-corporate methods of operation. The international team works remotely, also having an office in Bydgoszcz. Vivid Games S.A. is a public company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2012.



190 MLN

total portfolio downloads

Vivid games


is to be a world-class mobile studio with globally acclaimed hit titles.

Core values

Vivid games


is to entertain players with great games.

& Core values

The better we are as a team,
the more players' joy and happiness we can create.

Although we operate for well over a decade in the ever-changing, highly competitive gaming industry we still need to learn, stay lean, highly aligned, and focused on outcomes. Since we play in a team we’re only as good as our weakest player so we put an extra effort to complete the team with those who fit our culture and share our vision. To achieve our ambitious goals and to get fulfillment from the work we do our best to live our core values:


each other by default. We build trust through constructive, honest communication that serves the common good. We embrace ownership over every team member's decisions and goals removing all of unnecessary procedures and policies - in this way we show confidence that we are all working for Vivid’s best interest. While it may seem simple, building trust requires a lot of effort, time and commitment but it proves it’s worth every step . We believe that based on trust, our culture establishes mutual respect, a sense of ownership, and strong leadership.


to speak out, to be candid, ask questions and admit mistakes. We want our team members not to be afraid to try new initiatives, think out-of-the box or, have the courage to raise difficult issues. We all remember that building great things means taking risks, but the most risky is not taking risks at all. In a world that's changing so fast it is likely we fail if we miss an opportunity!


for own actions, decisions, and words. We actively take ownership because we all are doers who believe a good idea is worth nothing without execution. We operate as owners, which means we bring up issues and propose solutions. We are responsible for the quality of our individual work, but we are also proud of what we deliver as a team.


to learning, sharing feedback, and discovering new possibilities. The openness of our minds and the combination of different environments, experiences, perspectives and specialist knowledge make us more effective in solving problems and achieving better results.

Focus on the outcome

We consider outcome makes a far greater impact than the process that led us there, or the number of hours we spent working on it, which is why we use OKR (objective and key results) to manage goals and Agile methodology. In any work we do we seek for excellence that could be achieved by constant improvements or major breakthroughs.



Piotr Gamracy

Piotr Gamracy



Since 2009, he has been associated with the video game industry. As a Producer and Studio Manager at Sointeractive, he built a Studio supporting the video game industry in the production of motion capture and cinematics. Later, he held managerial positions in, i.a., Alwernia Studios sp.z o.o., Alwernia Action sp.z o.o. or Netent Poland sp.z o.o., where he created a casino games studio and co-created a global development strategy for four branches (Getheborg, Kraków, Stockholm and Kiev). Member of the Supervisory Board of Simteract S.A. and a mentor in the startups Swipers Games, Pocket Fun and Gateway VR Studio.
He sets the bar high and has extensive experience in creating and implementing a product strategy. Prefers a holistic approach to business, is determined and open to new business development opportunities.


Remigiusz Kościelny


Serial entrepreneur, tech enthusiast and mentor with 16 years experience in the game industry. As co-founder, grew Vivid Games from a start-up to an internationally acclaimed company generating millions of Dollars and listed on stock exchange in Poland.

His extensive industry experience extends to wide-ranging knowledge of games creation, production and artistic supervision. This, coupled with his worldwide business network and market understanding, as well as strong goal oriented character, allows him to lead Vivid Games to success in their planned and ambitious undertakings.

Jarosław Wojczakowski


Associated with the industry for nearly 20 years, first as a programmer and creator on the Demoscene, then the founder and member of the board of Vivid Games. A graduate of the University of Technology and Life Sciences in Bydgoszcz in the field of telecommunications and multimedia. In Vivid Games, from the beginning, responsible fundamentally for supervision and technological development. From 2021 the CEO of Vivid Games. His goal is to scale the company's revenues and the qualitative development of the portfolio of current and future games parallel with the growing vivid's international team. Character and experience in management ensure his effectiveness in achieving goals and effectiveness in action.


Full Story

In 2006 the two of the founders, Remi Koscielny and Jarek Wojczakowski, decided to create a new company focusing on mobile games. We believed this would be the future of gaming, however seeing it become a 75 mld $ industry a decade later went even beyond our expectations.2006

As a team of five, with little cash, few mobile phones but great motivation we started our journey. During the first years we developed over 150 products for numerous clients worldwide. We worked on many original and licensed games for companies including I-play, Connect2Media, Mr. Goodliving, Namco on titles like: MotoGP, Crazy Frog, The Dog, or NCIS. Very soon after we started, we signed our first distribution deals with Mobile Entertainment Europe, the largest mobile distributor in Poland and Hands-On-Mobile, one of the biggest mobile publishers worldwide. Our first big J2ME games were: strategic Samurai Puzzle Battle and a puzzle game Battle Blocks. Both were critically-acclaimed and commercially successful. In 20102010, Ski Jumping, our first globally successful franchise, took off the ski jump slope. It was followed up by Ski Jumping 20112011, Ski Jumping 2012 and Ski Jumping Pro in 2013. Simultaneously, just a year later in 2011, we acquired a license for FIM Speedway Grand Prix, the first major sports license in our portfolio.

Ski Jumping

Another big milestone was a drawing game called Neon Mania, an iOS hit title – developed only in two months by a team of two.

In 2011 we realized that to make a big step forward we have to focus solely on our own titles. This was something we saw as a long-term plan and something we wanted to commit to and pursue for good. To make this change happen, we needed an investment to become financially independent. In June 2012 we debuted on NewConnect, an alternative stock exchange market in Poland, successfully raising a $800,000 IPO investment. This financial confidence allowed us to think bigger and broader. We could release more games. During 20122012 we launched Neon Blitz and BMX Jam, however it was the next game that changed our history forever. Just after 6 months of development, on November 15th 2012, Real Boxing came out on Apple App Store receiving the prestigious Apple Editors’ Choice accolade. Real Boxing reached #1 sports games ranks in 154 countries and #1 game rank in 91 countries. It also got many awards, including Best Polish Game of 2012.

Real Boxing

Advanced 3D graphics made Real Boxing a perfect title for the largest tech companies to showcase their latest hardware, including the Nvidia Shield console and Google Android TV. In September 20132013 we published Real Boxing on PlayStation Vita portable console. The game was globally the 11th most popular game of 2014 on PlayStation Store, and the 1st in Europe in May 2015. In July 2014 we launched the PC version of the game on Steam and many other distribution channels all over the world. Following the success of Real Boxing, we decided to push the bar of visual quality on mobile platforms even further. We established a joint-venture company with Platige Image, the world-class animation studio from Warsaw, to work on an action-adventure game Godfire: Rise of the Prometheus. Godfire was published in June 2014, receiving the second consecutive Apple Editors’ Choice award, very good press and excellent players’ feedback. At CES 2015, Godfire was used to showcase the graphical power of the newest Qualcomm SnapdragonTM 805 and 810 chips, while Real Boxing was one of the launch titles for Google Android TV on Sony Bravia TV and Razer Forge TV systems.


Godfire was another critically-acclaimed game but due to the decline of the premium business model, a large file size and a few other issues its commercial potential appeared to be limited.

This brought us to another major milestone in our history. In June 20142014 we changed Real Boxing’s business model to free-to-play and acquired almost 2 million iOS players in a first week alone. This turned out to be a very successful decision but to take full advantage of the free-to-play model we knew that we have to develop new games in this model from scratch. Real Boxing 2 was our next game. We got to it seriously, with a large production team of 50 people. We signed an agreement with Hollywood media company MGM and acquired the biggest boxing movie license ever created. In November 2015 we launched Real Boxing 2 CREED and transformed it to Real Boxing 2 ROCKY in March 2016. Players could then play as all of their favorite characters including Rocky Balboa, Apollo Creed, Clubber Lang or Ivan Drago. Real Boxing 2 ROCKY managed to be #1 most downloaded game in 52 countries, and #1 sports games in 141 countries. To date, the Real Boxing franchise has been downloaded over 83 million times. To leverage our publishing strengths we launched Vivid Games Publishing program at the end of 2015, offering external studios access to our expertise, market knowledge, cutting-edge tools as well as necessary financing. On September 30, 20162016 the company stock was transferred to GPW, the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Real Boxing 2

In March 20172017 we published Highway Getaway, an endless-running racing game that reached #1 racing game rank in 83 countries. A month later, we published so far the latest installment of our biggest franchise – Real Boxing Manny Pacquiao, with one of the greatest boxing stars Manny Pacquiao promoting it. In November 2017 we celebrated the 5th anniversary of Real Boxing, the biggest and most successful boxing mobile franchise ever created. To give you an idea: over 53 million players fought nearly whooping 3 billion times and spent 95 million hours in the game. The year of 2017 was an intensive year of internal improvements in the company culture, management, communication and many other key areas. In 2018 we launched a few very exciting games, including our own action game Mayhem Combat and action strategy Space Pioneer, as well as 3D balancing & racing title Gravity Rider we signed through our publishing program.

Gravity Rider Zero

In late 20182018 and all through the following year we made a massive shift in our approach to production and publishing. We soft-launched a few dozen different concepts and launched 10 games including: Zombie Blast Crew, Idle Fish Aquarium, Pocket Mini Golf and Gravity Rider Zero which become our second biggest franchise with over 20 million downloads so far. At the end of 2019 our first games: Space Pioneer and Sheep Dog was published on Nintendo Switch by QubicGames. We continue to scale our portfolio of mobile games, so far in 20202020 we launched Juice Farm, Skyward City, Animal Hotel Manager, and are preparing to launch Knights Fight 2. Pocket Mini Golf, Gravity Rider Zero joined Nintendo Switch among others to come, including Calm Colors, Real Boxing 2, Mayhem Combat, and Godfire: Rise of Prometheus.

The entire year of 20212021 was a time of intense development of Real Boxing 2 towards the GaaS (Game as a Service) format. In November 2021, a dedicated version for the Nintendo Switch console was made available for distribution in the Nintendo Store. In parallel, we developed other titles such as Mobbles Cards and Eroblast, which debuted on iOS and Android platforms in June.

We started 20222022 with changes in the management team, with current CEO Piotr Gamracy joining the board.

In 2022, Vivid Games introduced a new strategy. This year was a time of development and achievement of historically record revenues from a key game - Real Boxing 2. We also successfully completed the divestment of the internally developed Bidlogic technology. As a consequence of long negotiations with the developer, we were able to return to distribution of Knights Fight 2 (interrupted by the developer in Q4 2021) at the end of the year. On the other hand, economic problems and a strict analysis of the implementation of the earlier strategy prompted us to make difficult but necessary business decisions. We reduced the team, closing unprofitable projects and the publishing program. We began production of Real Boxing 3, a title of a quality and scale we had not previously operated on.

In 20232023, in addition to the intensive development of Real Boxing 3, we focused on acquiring new business partners. In July 2023, we entered into an agreement with BoomBit S.A. to develop the Boxing Ring game, which will be released by BoomBit. In October 2023 the Company entered into an agreement with a Polish FMCG company for the production and distribution by the Company of an endless runner free-to-play game using IP associated with Brand Owner products. We also once again partnered with QubicGames, which is working on a PC-dedicated port of the game Eroblast, which will go into distribution on Steam in mid-2024.