On November 29, 2021, the Management Board of the Company adopted an updated strategy for 2022-2025.

The company's growth will be based on three pillars of activity:

I. Growing titles from the current portfolio

II. Creation of a new game based on the meta-game Real Boxing 2

III. Publishing of new titles broken down into 2 portfolio lines:

  • combat simulators and sports games
  • casual games and mid-core games

The implementation of the above goals should translate into the following structure of the Company's game portfolio in 2025:

  • at least 3 games with monthly revenues over USD 1M each,
  • at least 3 games with monthly revenues over USD 0.3M each.

Detailed strategic goals are available in ESPI No. 49/2021 and in the presentation attached below.

So far, the capital group has pursued the strategic goals set out in the strategy announced in June 2020 (Current Report No. 30/2020).