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We know the game: 14 years of experience
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we work?


One week evaluation, then striaght feedback! - Our process is fast and straightforward: send us what you have - including a recent build - and we will get back to you shortly! Keep in mind as a developer ourselves we understand projects at early staged!


Lead by experienced Product Owner - our team of marketing professionals, monetisation designers and developers will help you get the maximum during every stage of product lifetime. When we believe in game we will make every effort to make them a success.


With our games getting 100+ major featurings on major stores we know how to drive organic traffic through world-class ASO. When the KPIs are right(and we will help you get there) we scale through smart UA campaigns.
We want to help you focus on development while we do the growth.

Why us?


We chose what we work on carefully and as gamers with vast market experience.
When you join our portfolio - we will move the Earth to make you successful. Constant improvements, A/B testing, ASO updates is our business as usual.


In our history we have worked in various business models; project acquisition, co-development and more traditional publishing that involves scaling.
We do everything to help you focus on the game while we also share know-how to improve all the KPIs


We encourage you to feel comfortable to contact us as early as possible - remember we are not only publisher but also developers! Our experience allow us to see what others don’t while our open culture helps you get to where you need to be.

Vivid Games is a unique publisher, their approach is to make your game solid which will work for years and bring it to the most targeted audience.
The fastest feedback and most qualified people make you feel like a part of one big team of professionals each member of which is deeply involved in the developing process.

Alex Pertus, CEO of Fontes

Gravity Rider

15 MLN+


It has been a great experience to work with Vivid Games. They were not just a good publisher for our mobile game, Highway Getaway Chase TV, but they have improved the product beyond our expectation. Vivid Games took care of promotion marketing, promotion, live operation and has been active on social media, just to name a few territories they took over that we, as a developer could not handle ourselves. Looking forward to working with Vivid Games again.

Highway Getaway

17 MLN+


We have a long-lasting partnership with Vivid Games, during which we have worked on dozens of prototypes. Thanks to their close support and cooperation, we were able to deliver competitive projects and grow as a company. They are a partner who takes care of distribution and is very involved in the development process.

Mirosław Wilczak, CEO

Idle Fish Aquarium



the team

Patryk Jan

Head of Publishing

Over 15 years of experience in the digital entertainment industry. Journalist, eSport player, marketer, a consultant for developers and technology startups, co-founder of the studio. With Vivid Games for the last 3 years, currently as Head of Publishing. University of Wrocław alumni. Big enthusiast of the card, PVP mobile games, and coffee to go.


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