Vivid Games with results for March. The soft-launch of Real Boxing 3 is getting closer.


Vivid Games with results for March.

The soft-launch of Real Boxing 3 is getting closer.

The company generated PLN 1.3 million in sales revenue and a small net profit in March. The increase in profitability was influenced, among other things, by a monetization update in Real Boxing 2. Real Boxing 3 will enter the soft-launch phase in April.

The company has postponed the release date of the soft-launch phase of Real Boxing 3. "Real Boxing 3 is already functioning as an internal playable prototype, but we want the version headed for the soft-launch phase to verify as much functionality as possible, which will ensure higher profitability of the whole process. Hence the postponement of the release date from March to April. For the production process, this is not a big difference, for the quality of the data we will collect, it may turn out to be significant" emphas Piotr Gamracy, CEO of Vivid Games. "In parallel, we are analyzing the possibility of acquiring more partners. Our cooperation with BoomBit in the development of Boxing Ring, Clash of Warriors has shown that we can cooperate effectively, using the knowledge and assets we already have" - adds the CEO. 

Despite the advanced development of Real Boxing 3, the Company is not abandoning the second part of the boxing saga. "We are constantly working on the development and modernization of monetization in Real Boxing 2. As a result of the measures taken, we have significantly improved the balance. For several weeks we have been observing a trend that shows an increasing share of user purchases in hard currency in the overall distribution. Further optimization activities are underway, which should bring positive results" - emphas Bartosz Biniecki, Game Director of the Real Boxing brand.