Vivid Games published its preliminary results for November.


Vivid Games published its preliminary results for November.

Real Boxing 2 maintains a high level of revenues.

The company published preliminary results for November. The highest revenues this year were generated at the level of over PLN 2.5 million, the net result is PLN -0.05 million, and the EBITDA cumulative for 11 months is PLN 3.6 million. At the end of November, there were PLN 3 million on the company's accounts. Real Boxing 2, developed by the company in the Game as a Service model, played a key role in increasing revenues.

Real Boxing 2 maintains a stable, high level of revenues. This is the best proof of the effectiveness of our actions. The effectiveness of the UA campaign and the increase in the involvement of organic users translate into ARPU twice as high as achieved in spring 2020, during the global lockdown. Since last Thursday, Real Boxing 2 has been awarded a global featuring on Google Play, thanks to which the number of organic downloads there has doubled. Later this week, the long-awaited online combat mode will also appear in the game, which should translate into higher long-term retention. In the short term users retention, the fourth liveOps event, with a Christmas theme, launched this week, will provide a boost. We will launch another one in December. We are gradually approaching the goal set for Real Boxing 2 in the company's strategy." - comments Bartosz Biniecki, product owner of the Real Boxing brand.

In November, the Real Boxing 2 port for Nintendo Switch also premiered. “We are waiting for the first sales reports from QubicGames. According to the publisher, sales on Nintendo Switch are going as planned. We are pleased with the presence of our flagship title on another platform, but the iOS and Android versions will certainly remain key to the generated revenues." - emphasizes Piotr Gamracy, general manager at Vivid Games, responsible, i.a., for the publishing program.

November was another month with high revenues. The result is more than twice as high as the result for October. EBITDA for 11 months is 3.6 million. Despite significant investments in AU and machine learning made in November, the balance of funds in the accounts did not decrease compared to the October balance. Our situation is more stable from month to month. We are implementing the strategy announced a week ago. Already in 2022, we will present our idea for a game based on Real Boxing 2, as well as new publishing ideas." - ensures Jarosław Wojczakowski, president of Vivid Games S.A.