Vivid Games presents the results for June. Real Boxing 2 significantly improved retention and increased revenues once again.


Vivid Games presented preliminary results for June and estimates of results for the first half of the year. Last month, the company generated PLN 1.62 million in revenue and reduced the loss compared to the result for May, to the level of PLN 0.3 million. Revenues for the first half of the year are almost PLN 10 million, and EBITDA is almost PLN 1.5 million.

In June, we maintained revenues at a level similar to May, but the loss is by 150,000. PLN less than a month earlier. It was mainly due to positive exchange rate differences. The goal for the next six months is a significant improvement in the net result." - emphasizes the president of Vivid Games, Jarosław Wojczakowski.

Eroblast made its global debut on iOS and Android on June 22. The game was positively received by players, which is reflected in the high ratings in stores.

We are satisfied with the engagement metrics achieved by the title in the first days after the premiere. Currently, as much as 75% of revenues come from micropayments. Therefore, we are working on both AB tests and mechanics, which additionally increase the main metrics of iAP monetization and deepen advertising monetization. We have already released two updates since the premiere, and we are planning another one soon. We examine the preferences of players and implement the results of our analyzes in the title, deepening the commitment." - says Patryk Batko, the product owner of the title.

Real Boxing 2 remains the key title in Vivid Games portfolio. The update introduced on June 10 brought the expected increases in user engagement.

As a result of the last update, we even recorded a 25% increase in US user retention - a key market for Real Boxing 2. Revenues in June increased compared to those generated in May by almost 10 pp. We are currently preparing another update. We assume that it will translate positively into results." - summarizes Bartosz Biniecki, the product owner of the Real Boxing brand.