Vivid Games presented the results for the first quarter. The company puts emphasis on the maximum use of the potential of the current portfolio.


Revenues for the first quarter of 2021 are PLN 5.2 million, and the balance of funds in the accounts at the end of March is over PLN 5.5 million. After paying off all the arrangement installments required in 2021, the company focuses on development. The goal for the biggest titles is to strengthen commitment and long-term retention. Parallel to the June debut of Eroblast, another premiere of an addictive RPG is being prepared - Mythical Showdown. The project team is analyzing the first results of the soft launch phase that began on May 19.

"Mythical Showdown is an extremely complex title. I am convinced that the version aimed at the global premiere will give players a lot of satisfaction. For 10 days, the game has been in the first stage of the soft launch phase and in UA tests. We analyze the results of the AB tests carried out. In the coming weeks, we will extend the soft launch to other key countries for us. We will announce the final release date after analyzing the test results and adjusting the title to them." - emphasizes Wojciech Mazur, the product owner of the title on the part of Vivid Games.

The company's situation is stable, and the implemented strategy provides us with regular income. However, we do not rest on our laurels, we want to enter a higher level. In order to increase the scale of revenues and improve the net result in the coming periods, we are investing in new and current titles - mainly Real Boxing 2 and Knights Fight 2. Two premieres will take place in the near future. A very interesting project will go to global distribution - a dating simulator - Eroblast. Later, the portfolio will strengthen Mythical Showdown. The card game Mobbles Cards, acquired in April, is already in the soft launch phase. A lot is also happening in the casual games department, which tests new titles and versions enhanced with known IPs. The casual arcade game OmNom Golf, based on the image of a well-known cartoon brand, has just entered the soft launch phase in the UK."- emphasizes the president of Vivid Games, Jarosław Wojczakowski

From the beginning of the year, the company has been expanding its activities in the field of machine learning. “We built models to predict LTV (Lifetime Value) of users coming from UA campaigns. These models will be constantly monitored and periodically updated. We are currently starting work on churn models (testing churns) for Real Boxing 2 and Knights Fight 2 users. We plan to implement them at the beginning of Q3. These models are used to identify players with a high probability of leaving the game and will be used in retention processes, with particular emphasis on the retention of the most valuable players. This will allow us to reduce the number of players dropping out and increase everyone's involvement." - emphasizes Katarzyna Czesak-Woytala, managing the ML team at Vivid Games.

In addition to the above-mentioned premieres on iOS and Android platforms, in the coming months, game ports from Vivid's wallet, including Real Boxing II and Mayhem Combat, will be available on the Nintendo Switch