Vivid Games presented the results for October.


Vivid Games presented the results for October.

Real Boxing 2 will debut on Nintendo Switch on 'Black Friday', November 26th.

In October, the company generated the highest sales revenue this year, amounting to almost PLN 2.5 million. The net result amounted to -110 thousand PLN, and the EBITDA cumulatively for the 10 months amounts to PLN 3.18 million. At the end of October, the Company had PLN 2.9 million on its accounts. In November, the biggest brand of Vivid Games - Real Boxing - celebrates its 9th birthday. The key title for the brand - Real Boxing 2, achieved last month the highest sales since July 2020. The game will debut on Nintendo Switch in less than three weeks.

Real Boxing 2 is currently a key position in the Vivid Games portfolio from the point of view of generated revenues. As a free-to-play title, it requires the team to constantly work in the spirit of the game as a service concept.

I am very impressed with how the Real Boxing brand is developing in 9 years since the debut of the first part. Thanks to the updates carried out in recent months and the launch of LiveOps activities, Real Boxing 2 metrics are breaking new records. The average revenue per user (ARPU) from the key market for us, the USA, reached PLN 6.75 in October, compared to PLN 1.80 in January 2020, when we decided to go beyond the Rocky universe. We also increased the percentage of subscribers twice during last year. Title monetization is becoming more and more effective. We have justd another LiveOps campaign, which is based on data collected in two previous ones. We are also preparing special promotions for 'Black Friday. The current activity should be reflected in the metrics later this year." - summarizes Bartosz Biniecki, product owner of the Real Boxing brand at Vivid Games.

The company is already preparing to summarize 2021 and is planning work intensively for 2022.

Another month is behind us with good and growing revenues. The loss is mainly due to higher than in the previous months expenditure on UA, the effects of which are not yet visible in revenues for October. Investments that we are currently implementing - not only in UA, but also in data analysis and machine learning, and, above all, in strengthening the team, will certainly bear fruit in the coming periods. We improve the functioning of two departments of key importance for the achieved results - User Aquisition and Publishing. At the turn of November and December, we will also present the updated strategy for 2022. We will organize a space for interested to ask questions " - declares Jarosław Wojczakowski, CEO of Vivid Games.

In addition to the premiere of Real Boxing 2 on Nintendo Switch, the card game Chrono Cards: Mobbles (formerly known as Mobbles Cards) will debut on the iOS and Android platforms this month. The global debut is scheduled for November 24th.