Vivid Games presented the results for August.


The company maintains a high level of sales revenues and generated the highest net profit this year.

Sales revenues for August this year. are almost identical to July and amounted to PLN 2.15 million, and since January more than PLN 14 million, EBITDA for eight months is PLN 2.28 million, the net result amounted to PLN 50 thousand. At the end of August, the company's accounts were PLN 2.5m.

We have stabilized revenues at a high level, there has been an increase in long-term commitment and ARPU in key titles. We optimized the existing UA campaigns to keep the most profitable ones, and we will scale them in the coming months. The balance of cash in the accounts is satisfactory and has been growing in recent months. Despite the significant burden with depreciation costs, we also generated 50 thousand. PLN net profit. Growing EBITDA reflects our actual situation." - explains the president of Vivid Games S.A. Jarosław Wojczakowski.

Invariably, Real Boxing 2 has the largest share in revenues. Despite the title's presence on the market for several years, there is no shortage of ideas for its development. “In recent months, Real Boxing 2 has undergone a major overhaul. The offer addressed to players is currently diverse and engaging. The key activity that our team focused on in August was the preparation and implementation of LiveOps * activities, which consisted in introducing an offer with the character of Manny Pacquiao. We are currently in the process of verifying the first results. We expect the above-mentioned actions especially in long-term retention and impact on the result in the long run. We are already planning further LiveOps activities. We want them to appear regularly and enrich the game offer." - emphasizes Bartosz Biniecki, the product owner of the Real Boxing brand.

In addition to Real Boxing 2, Vivid Games teams develop, among others casual titles - OmNom Golf and OmNom Crafters, the card game Mobbles Cards and large items already on the market - Eroblast and Knights Fight 2.

The company does not forget about platform diversification, even though it is not a priority at the moment. The PC version of Space Pioneer was released on Steam in August. Soon Real Boxing 2 will have its premiere on the Nintedo Switch. “We enjoy the premieres of our titles on other platforms, but we treat them as an addition, also in financial terms, to our core business. Distribution on Nintendo Switch depends mainly on the progress of work on the part of Qubic Games, so we have no influence on any delays or postponements." - emphasizes Piotr Gamracy, general manager of Vivid Games S.A., responsible for the publishing department.

* LiveOps - in-game activities such as tournaments, repetitive tasks to be completed by the player, or special game modes available on a timely basis, giving the player endless gameplay in the game to increase long-term retention and hence income.