Vivid Games presented the financial results for May.


Vivid Games presented the financial results for May.

Real Boxing 2 generated revenue 20% higher than in April.

The company's revenues for May are PLN 3.4 million, i.e. 111% more than in the previous year. Cumulatively, Vivid Games generated over PLN 14 million in sales in 2022. Real Boxing 2 and Eroblast once again generated revenues higher than in previous month.

Cumulatively, the net result is PLN 270k, and EBITDA is at PLN 2.0 million. At the end of May, there were PLN 2.8 million on the Company's accounts.

Real Boxing 2 generated revenues of USD 518k in May. Last month, the game received significant awards in sales channels, including the Game of the Day title on the Apple App Store in the US. "We are glad that the level of USD 500k revenue was surpassed.  Several factors contributed to the increase in revenues in May. The featurings in sales channels were crucial, and additionally strengthened the community of players built in recent months. The average number of active users in May was as much as 150k. daily. Equally important were the successful live-ops campaigns that introduced new, popualar characters to the game. We also notice the normalization of advertising parameters, which most significantly reacted at the turn of February and March to the outbreak of the war in Ukraine. In the upcoming weeks, we will focus on implementing a new internal store on both hardware platforms. We will conduct a series of tests, both in terms of technology and the impact on user behavior. At the same time, as part of the next live-ops campaigns, we are introducing boxer characters that meet the expectations of our community." - summarizes Bartosz Biniecki, product owner of the Real Boxing brand at Vivid Games.

Eroblast also recorded an increase in revenues by over 6% in May. The game sales were on the level of over USD 140k, and ARPU from key markets kept the stable level of USD 2.61. "We are developing the title the way we assumed. Every week it is expanded by another 10 levels. We have also introduced a new reward system to increase user engagement. The effectiveness of our activities is confirmed by both the growing revenues and the constantly growing community of players. In May, the number of Eroblast installations amounted to nearly 100k, and increased by over 20% compared to the number of downloads from April." - emphasizes Łukasz Kamiński, product owner of Eroblast.