Vivid Games presented record revenues for July. Sales of Real Boxing 2 and Eroblast continue to grow.


Vivid Games presented record revenues for July.

Sales of Real Boxing 2 and Eroblast continue to grow.

A new approach to paid user acquisition, which should be reflected in the long-term profit, now requires record investments that burden the result. In July, the company recorded record sales of PLN 3.61 million and a net loss of PLN 217k. At the end of the month, there were PLN 2.3 million in the Company's accounts.

Real Boxing 2 once again generated revenues at a level higher than a month earlier, exceeding the level of USD 500k. The title is constantly being developed and the goal is to double the current level of sales. “As we continue the transformation of our paid user acquisition approach that began in June, our focus is on reaching top paying iOS users. At the moment, it requires a lot of investment, but we believe that in combination with the development of the game-play and the intensification of the number of live-ops campaigns, we will achieve the assumed results. In August, we also started the first tests of the tik-tok campaign with the popular influencer Archie.five. If the action brings the expected results, we will certainly increase the frequency of this type of promotion." - emphas Bartosz Biniecki, product owner of Real Boxing 2.

Eroblast also increased sales in relation to June. In July, the game generated USD 123k of revenue and increased the number of downloads by nearly 30%. As with Real Boxing 2, extensive UA campaigns are run here and new promotion methods are tested. “In July, we recorded the third result in revenues this year. This year, we also raised the Daily Paying Users in the USA to its highest level. We have conducted a number of AB tests. Their results are already implemented and should translate into revenues in August and the following months. Investments in UA campaigns and new marketing channels allow Eroblast to increase its reach significantly." - emphas Łukasz Kamiński, product owner of Eroblast.

The company is in the process of changing its UA strategy. According to the Management Board, record investments should pay off. “Increased UA spending is due to the search for new user acquisition channels on the iOS platform. Changes in privacy policies last year, which introduced the obligation to obtain users' consent to track or display ads, have complicated the situation in the UA market and require frequent changes in the approach of the entire mobile industry. Currently, in the industry, only limited possibilities are available to predict, or even track, the effectiveness of UA campaigns. Our Big Data team is working on new predictive models that will allow us to predict the profitability of individual actions and to end at an early stage campaigns that will not bring the expected results. Building and validating models require both time and data that we collect at this point. Within a few months, we should achieve the expected state by implementing models for each game and platform." - emphas Jarosław Wojczakowski, CEO of Vivid Games.