Vivid Games presented a report for the third quarter and a development strategy until 2025.


Vivid Games presented a report for the third quarter and a development strategy until 2025.

The company plans to release a title based on the Real Boxing 2 meta-game in 2023, and to increase its revenues sevenfold by 2025.

Vivid Games is currently focusing on further growth. It invests in machine learning, analytics, and paid user acquisition as key areas supporting effective game monetization. The company's goal by 2025 is to generate monthly revenues of approximately USD 3.9 million.

The presented strategy is a consequence of the actions taken earlier and emphasizes the key priorities for the development of Vivid Games. We focus on three pillars: the growth of the current portfolio, the release of a new title based on the Real Boxing 2 meta-game, and the publishing of new games, acquired as part of the publishing program and internally prototyped by an improved publishing department. The goal that we want to achieve by 2025, i.e. 3 games with monthly revenues >1M USD and 3 more with revenues >0.3M USD, is ambitious, but in our opinion, realistic. Thanks to the path we have followed in the development of Real Boxing 2, we know what to do to properly scale the title in the GaaS (Game as a Service) model. We are also able to better assess and verify the commercial potential of the games that come to us more quickly. We are moving away from quantity for quality." - emphasizes Jarosław Wojczakowski, CEO of Vivid Games.

The data presented in the report for the third quarter do not differ from the preliminary results presented by the Company in October. The revenues for the third quarter amounted to over PLN 6.5 million. Operating expenses remained at the same level as in the previous year. At the end of the quarter, there were PLN 2.6 million on the Company's accounts. “The third quarter has been the best this year so far. We significantly increased the metrics in Real Boxing 2. We have also invested a lot of effort and resources in big data technologies and analytics, which are crucial for our future. We are gradually developing our competencies in a progressive approach to game development in the GaaS model (Game as a Service) and I am convinced that it will bring tangible results." - summarizes Wojczakowski.

Last week, the Real Boxing 2 port on Nintendo Switch hit global distribution. Chrono Cards: Mobbles (formerly known as Mobbles Cards) - the game acquired for the portfolio in March this year debuted on iOS and Android. The title met with a positive reception, but the debut is just the beginning. “Chrono Cards is currently in the early stages of development. After launch, we intensified our efforts to build a global and engaged users community. We mainly use Discord and Facebook for this. We also run UA campaigns and collect data that determines what we will offer players in the upcoming updates and LiveOps campaigns. The first opinions of players are very positive.”- emphasizes Piotr Gamracy, General Manager, responsible at Vivid Games, a.o. for publishing.