Vivid Games maintained sales in June at a high level of PLN 3.12 million. Real Boxing 2 generated nearly USD 0.5 million in revenue.


Vivid Games maintained sales in June at a high level of PLN 3.12 million.

Real Boxing 2 generated nearly USD 0.5 million in revenue.

This year the company has already generated over PLN 17 million in revenues, cumulatively, the preliminary net result for the first half of the year amounts to PLN 120 k and EBITDA is PLN 2.1 million. At the end of June, there were PLN 3.0 million on the Company's accounts.

Despite the high level of revenues, the Company recorded a loss in June of PLN 150 k. This was mainly due to record investments in paid user acquisition. “We're reorganizing our approach to paid user acquisition. We want to try new methods and involve social channels in the promotion to a greater extent. It required significant investments that will allow the scaling of the achieved results in the long term." - emphasizes Piotr Gamracy, member of the Vivid Games Management Board. "Due to the economic slowdown that is felt all over the world, the costs of acquiring paying users are increasing, but we see new opportunities that will not only maintain but even increase the profitability of AU in the long term." - adds Piotr Gamracy.

Real Boxing 2 recorded a high level of revenue in June, despite the lack of significant promotions in sales channels. The company expects increases in the coming months, resulting from, i.a., record investments in UA, mainly targeted at users of the iOS platform. “Thanks to the development of internal UA competencies, in the next quarter we will focus on acquiring iOS users who decide to buy in the game more often and are more committed than Android users. Our goal is a change in the proportion of revenues generated by the sale of micropayments and the display of advertising formats. In line with the GaaS approach, we ultimately focus on micropayments because they provide more revenue than advertisements. We also invest in attractive marketing creations, tailored to the specifics of individual social channels. Coupled with the focus on iOS users, this should translate into an increase in the number of paying players." - emphasizes Bartosz Biniecki, product owner of the Real Boxing brand at Vivid Games. "In June, we also put a lot of effort into the technological updates of Real Boxing 2. The effects are not noticeable to players, but they will facilitate the further development of the title. At the same time, we analyze data on the new internal store and implement changes on an ongoing basis. We are also successfully offering users new live-ops campaigns. This year we want to double their frequency, which will positively transfer into commitment and should bring us closer to the strategic level of USD 1 million in monthly revenues." - adds Bartosz Biniecki.

Vivid Games is also finalizing the sale of Bidlogic technology, announced in June. According to earlier declarations of the Management Board, this should bring the Company about PLN 5 million in profit and significantly facilitate the repayment of the remaining bond installments and new investments.