Vivid Games invests in the current and future portfolio. Eroblast's global debut in June.


Vivid Games - publisher and developer from Bydgoszcz - announced that the Eroblast dating simulator will debut on iOS and Android on June 22, 2021. Due to its specificity, the game hits a niche and, according to the Company's analyzes, there is no significant competition. The title is currently at the third of the four planned stages of the soft launch phase. The mobile card game Mobbles Cards, acquired in March, also entered the soft launch phase. At the same time, the Company invests in deepening the involvement of users of its biggest titles - Real Boxing 2 and Knights Fight 2.

"The functionalities added to Eroblast in April during the third soft launch allowed us to make deep changes to the game flow, which in the future will allow us to monetize the title more easily and add more mechanics. Changes in the chat, i.e. the basic mechanics of the meta, resulted in the expected increases in short-term retention, and the data from the first week of update tests indicate several percent increases in D1 and D3 retention. The next update, scheduled for the end of May, will introduce a global progression system, the impact of which on short- and medium-term retention should be significant." - explains Patryk Batko, product owner of the title.

The introduced changes also doubled the ARPU in key markets. AB is currently extensively testing further monetization solutions and the creation of AU. We also conduct focus tests and monitor player ratings, thanks to community feedback, we have introduced, for example, an album with photos of characters. The fourth soft launch will be crucial due to the verification of the metrics and preparation of the game for the premiere." - adds Batko.

The company is working not only on new premieres. It also optimizes financial issues. In recent weeks, it announced that it obtained PLN 4 million of a flexible revolving loan and made an early repayment of 3 subsequent arrangement installments, thus saving on interest on Series A Bonds. According to the adopted arrangement, subsequent installments are due only in 2022. Preliminary results for April are presented. The generated revenues are PLN 1.43 million, and cumulatively from the beginning of 2021 already PLN 6.62 million. Last month's net profit is expected at PLN -0.66m.

"The net result for April was burdened, inter alia, by through one-off expenses related to the opening of a new office in Bydgoszcz and the costs of paid user acquisition. Revenues remain stable. In recent weeks, we have secured financial facilities for further investments and have repaid all arrangement installments planned for 2021 in advance. We are also planning to spend the funds saved on interest on development. However, we want to focus not only on acquiring new titles, but also take care of using the potential of those who already earn the most for us. Our offer includes free-to-play titles and based on our experience, we know that the highest revenues in this model do not appear immediately after the premiere. It takes time to engage players and the constant support of the title so as not to lose this commitment. In the long term, the involvement of players is a guarantee of high and stable revenues. On the one hand, we focus on analyzing player data using machine learning and apply an effective UA strategy, on the other hand, we increase the availability of engaging offers. Real Boxing 2 and Knights Fight 2 are positions with a very large group of recipients, whose preferences we know and to which we try to adapt as best as possible. The goal for the coming months is to significantly increase long-term retention and player engagement. In a few months' perspectives, we expect these activities to be reflected in revenues. " - emphasizes Jarosław Wojczakowski, president of Vivid Games.