Vivid Games announced the preliminary result for December. Real Boxing 2 generated the highest sales in 2021.


Vivid Games announced the preliminary result for December.

Real Boxing 2 generated the highest sales in 2021.

The company reported revenues for December at the level of approximately PLN 2.7 million. The net result for the last month is PLN -0.32 million, and the cumulative EBITDA amounted to PLN 3.9 million. At the end of December, there were PLN 3.05 million on the company's accounts. Real Boxing 2 achieved the highest revenues in 2021 at the level of PLN 1.7 million.

“December is another month in a row in which Real Boxing 2 generated higher revenues than a month earlier. In December, the title generated ~ 30% higher revenues than in November (!). We have exceeded the threshold of USD 0.4 million in monthly revenue and successively approach the goal of> USD 1 million per month. ARPU * in key markets is already $ 1.32. We design new updates and live ops campaigns - we are very motivated to continue working, seeing such excellent results. " - emphasizes Bartosz Biniecki, the product owner of the Real Boxing 2 brand.

The company announced that in 2022 it will give details of the idea for a new game based on the proven engine from Real Boxing 2.

“We are at the stage of crystallizing an idea for a new game. I can say that in addition to the mechanisms tested in Real Boxing 2, we plan to implement the latest solutions, already verified by other free-to-play titles. We will provide more information on the subject of the game and the indicative release date by the end of Q1. " - informs Jarosław Wojczakowski. “December revenues were the highest in the whole of 2021, the result was burdened by investments in AU and team expansion, which should pay off in the following periods. Importantly, the expenses did not reduce the balance of funds in the accounts. " - adds CEO of Vivid Games.

In December, the Company had to deal with surprising information. Shori Games has terminated publishing deals for Knights Fight 2 and The Cash.

“We disagree with the grounds for terminating the publishing agreements cited by Shori Games and consider the terminations to be ineffective. Unfortunately, the fact that Shori was unable to use our version of the game as a result of a unilateral server shutdown by Shori had an impact on our December result. We are waiting for the developer's response to our suggestions. We have applied for compensation for the damage caused by preventing users from continuing to use Knights Fight 2 and with a claim for a refund of the funds invested by the Company in the development of both titles. If the Producer fails to pay, the Company will take the case to court. " - emphasizes Piotr Gamracy, appointed on January 7 to the board of Vivid Games.