The discussion panel of the Gaming on the Stock Exchange VI conference with the president of Vivid Games.


We encourage you to listen to the discussion panel of the Gaming on the Stock Exchange VI conference, attended, a.o., by the president of Vivid Games S.A.

Jarek Wojczakowski appeared in the conversation entitled "Singleplayer vs. multiplayer. What wins the hearts of players? Consoles, PCs and smartphones - the division of the game by platforms." led by Mariusz Klamra - CEO of and told, i.a., about which mobile games can earn the most and why:

"The most profitable titles when it comes to mobile games are those that can keep the player much longer. These are not games that offer 6-8-20 hours of gameplay, but games that keep the player for a year, two, three. It is done in different ways, and this is extremely important in the context of free-to-play. We must remember that compared to the classic paid model, in free to play we usually pay for the player. It's not enough to have a person who downloads our game, as a developer we have to pay for this player to the channels that provide users to us. It is extremely important to keep the player who came to us as long as possible in the game. The longer it is, the easier it will be to monetize it over time. The perfect tool for keeping players inside is multiplayer. The multiplayer gameplay will be different each time. If we play with a real human, everyone behaves differently, has different possibilities, if someone has differently customized characters, it is simply interesting and players will buy it. However, if we have a strictly single-player game, it is worth trying various types of live events, maybe some tournaments (not necessarily online, but tournaments, where real leaderboards are, what is happening in them, is online and allows you to compare yourself to other players), guilds, chats, something that will make the player play this mobile game although he plays it for 15-20-30 minutes daily, he will play for a year. If he plays for a year and pays a few dollars once a month, the total income can be very nice. So the business model changes the way a game should be designed. Porting the game in exactly the same form from PC or even Nintendo Switch to mobile and free to play is unlikely to work. You have to think differently from the beginning."

The record of the entire panel is available on the channel on YouTube ->