Space Pioneer with 1.000.000 downloads.


In just three weeks after the hard launch on the Apple App Store the game has been download by over million players around the world. Among the best grossing countries are markets like USA, China, Japan, Great Britain and South Korea. Firs update will be available for players in the first half of July.

In last week Space Pioneer had its debut on Android platform via Google Play and Samsung Galaxy Apps. Similarly to iOS premiere the tittle was visible in the important ranks and received very good notes from players. Till today the best grossing countries are those most crucial like USA, China and Japan.

In next few months lots of novelty will be added into game e.g. new game modes, armor, weapon and robot personalization, opponents with new gameplay mechanisms and buildings helpful during space base developing. The firs update will be send to the stores in 3 weeks.

Million downloads during the premiere weeks is a good result. Players are very active and engaged which is visible in high notes in stores. We’re not entirely satisfied with the in-apps monetization yet, but the game has solid basis which are crucial to systematic metric growth – comments Remi Kościelny, CEO of Vivid Games.

Vivid Games realizes its strategy - on June 28th on the Apple App Store, and on July 13th on the Google Play will debut long–awaited Mayhem Combat. In August Vivid Games will broaden portfolio with futuristic racing game – Gravity Rider from Publishing program.