Real Boxing® 2 launch announcement


Real Boxing® is coming back bigger and better than ever with Real Boxing® 2! This year’s Gamescom brings first trailer and info about the highly-anticipated sequel.

Real Boxing® 2 takes your mobile boxing experience to the next level by offering jaw-dropping Unreal Engine 4 graphics, seamlessly single and multiplayer career mode, brand new advanced character customization system and much more. All of this is coming to iOS and Android when Real Boxing® 2 releases later this year.

And If you simply can’t wait, we recommend you to join Real Boxing® 2 VIP Club right now! By signing up you can secure exclusive in-game gear and prizes for yourself and the whole community, as well as get a chance to take part in the Real Boxing® 2 beta before the game's launch. Everything you need and much more is available on the game's Official Website.

You can get an early sneak peek at what to expect from Real Boxing® 2 with the debut Gamescom trailer below. Are you ready for Round 2?