Nearly PLN 2 million of revenues in January.


Nearly PLN 2 million of revenues in January.

Vivid Games generated almost PLN 2 million in revenues in January this year, according to the preliminary financial results published by the company. Jarosław Wojczakowski, the new president of Vivid Games, announces that this year is a continuation of stable growth. The calendar of premieres for 2021 already includes 3 new titles and several games that will be released on the Nintendo Switch console, including the iconic Real Boxing 2.

The new year began for Vivid Games with a change at the helm. Jarosław Wojczakowski - the new president of the board - announces that the company will continue to grow steadily in revenues, using the experience in acquiring users gained in 2020. - Considering that January is historically one of the weakest months of the year, we are satisfied with the results achieved and expect stable growth in the coming periods. Future results will include revenues from new titles and platforms as well as, to a large extent, properly conducted activities in the field of paid user acquisition. We plan to strengthen the user acquisition method thanks to the commitment to machine learning revenue prediction at the end of the current quarter - he emphasizes.

Paid user acquisition is one of the key components of the company's strategy. Arnaud Benefice, responsible at Vivid Games for the implementation of the User Acquisition strategy, is convinced of the enormous potential of this type of activity. The investment in paid user acquisition in the last 12 months has provided us with over 7.5 million new downloads and an average return on investment of approx. 110% for Real Boxing 2. In addition, increasing the number of users gives us high positions in the rankings, which indicates the increase in organic downloads - emphasizes Benefice.

The company confirmed that the premieres of Right Swipes (Q2), action games The Cash (Q2 / Q3) and the extensive RPG Mythical Showdown (Q2 / Q3). Thanks to the cooperation with QubicGames, the distribution on Nintendo Switch will include the biggest hit of the studio - Real Boxing 2.