Mythical Showdown will debut in the last quarter. The company wants to invest in the most profitable projects.


Vivid Games modifies its publishing plan by postponing the premiere of Mythical Showdown to the last quarter of 2021. The CEO focuses on a realistic verification of the commercial potential.

Mythical Showdown is an extensive game with great potential. The results of the soft launch phase, however, revealed places where it still requires improvement. The Korean developer has to pick up the pace and work, among others over the intuitiveness of use and user engagement. In the coming weeks, we intend to focus together with the developer on improving these aspects of the game and conduct another soft launch. If the results after the tests are consistent with our assumptions and expectations, the game will debut later this year, if not, we will consider giving up further work on the project." - says Wojciech Mazur, product owner on the side of Vivid Games.

I am very pleased with our approach to Mythical Showdown. It proves that we have matured as a publisher and invest only in well-thought-out projects that give real prospects for a return on investment. I want to be very conscious and critical about our own titles as well as those published by Vivid Games. On the one hand, this will save the team's time and energy, and on the other hand, direct them to the most profitable projects.” emphasizes President Jarosław Wojczakowski.

Apart from Mythical Showdown, Vivid Games is working on several titles. Today, the Eroblast dating simulator has hit the global distribution. For the third quarter is also announced premiere of Real Boxing 2 on the Nintendo Switch.