Mobbles Cards from Vivid Games will hit Google Play and Apple App Store on November 24, 2021.


Mobbles Cards from Vivid Games will hit Google Play and Apple App Store on November 24, 2021.

The company periodically verified the implemented projects and canceled the Mythical Showdown, shifting the involvement to more profitable projects.

Mobbles Cards is a card game that has been added to the Company's portfolio this year, in a very friendly, non-violent style. The premiere on iOS and Android platforms is just the beginning of the road. The game - as any in the free-to-play model - must build a community of engaged players to fully use the monetization potential.

We are satisfied with the results of the last soft launch phase. The game achieves market-level metrics and has successfully passed key functionalities tests, including synchronous multiplayer. Before the global premiere, we will expand the internal store and introduce visual changes addressing the results of test data analysis. At the end of November, when the game is available globally, we will launch UA campaigns." - emphasizes Patryk Batko, product owner of Mobbles Cards on the side of Vivid Games.

It is not the first time that the company emphasizes that it focuses not on the quantity but on the quality of the games it publishes. Mythical Showdown did not achieve the results expected in the soft launch phase, so the publishing agreement with the Korean developer was terminated.

"Mythical Showdown is a very complex project, unfortunately, the results of the tests carried out during the soft launch phase revealed errors and limited monetization possibilities of the title, among others. by low player retention. The developer was unable to eliminate them, so we decided to terminate the publishing agreement. There are new, more promising concepts waiting for the team involved in working with the title on our side." - emphasizes Wojciech Mazur, product owner of Mythical Showdown at Vivid Games.

On September 30 the company will present a report for the first half of 2021, and in the first half of October, it will present preliminary results for September. Later this year, the Real Boxing 2 version for Nintendo Switch users will also have a premiere. QubicGames is working on the port.