5th anniversary of the Real Boxing brand. Vivid Games produces more hits.


Real Boxing generated over PLN 45 million in revenue since its initial launch. It is our ambition to multiple this success with new launches in 2018.
Real Boxing was available in stores on November 15, 2012. The initial product together with subsequent releases of, Creed (2015), Rocky (2016) and Manny Pacquiao (2017) have so far attracted over 53 million players and generated revenues of PLN 45 million. “We are proud and satisfied with the scale that we managed to achieve. We have built a global brand that has dominated the boxing games niche of on mobile platforms. The series not only provides us with global recognition, but above all brings stable, several million revenues each year” commented Remigiusz Kościelny, the President of the Management Board of Vivid Games. “Despite the commercial potential that we will use in the future, at present we are expanding our product portfolio with titles from other game categories, which have broader appeal. The knowledge we have gained during the past 3 years of work in the free-to-play model and the experience gained while working on Real Boxing, allow us to create much better games”, he continued.
The Company already informed of its publishing roster for 2018, including 3 new games: Metal Fist, Space Pioneer and Gravity Rider. Each game caters to a different genre and style, but all are characterized by high artistic quality and addictive gameplay. All three titles are already fully playable, and the company is focusing on refining their monetization.

“In order to meet increasingly growing expectations from both the Market and players, games must be perfect”. The more time we can soft-launch the games, the greater the opportunity to hone the monetization metrics. This will directly translate into higher revenues, and the biggest revenue impulse will be around the launch window” - promises Kościelny.
Vivid Games' strategy is to build a portfolio of highly profitable mobile games available to a wide audience, which engage players by providing them with world-class entertainment. By the end of 2018, the Vivid Games portfolio should include 10 free-to-play games.