Vivid Games with PLN 4.4 million of net profit for September. Real Boxing 2 has intense plans for the coming months.


Vivid Games with PLN 4.4 million of net profit for September.

Real Boxing 2 has intense plans for the coming months.

The company booked the sale of Bidlogic technology in its September revenues, which translated into record monthly sales of nearly PLN 8 million (cumulatively PLN 32 million) and a significant net profit. At the end of the month, the Company's bank account was PLN 6.2 million, and its EBITDA was PLN 7.1 million. Regarding revenue from games, Real Boxing 2 (74%) and Eroblast (20%) invariably have the largest share. The company puts emphasis on increasing the profitability of its portfolio in the last quarter.

The sale of Bidlogic technology has significantly strengthened the Company's financial stability and increased our ability to undertake new investments. The next step is to significantly improve the profitability of the portfolio. “We are in a much better situation now than a few months ago. The funds obtained from the sale of Bidlogic not only provide us with greater financial stability but also open up opportunities for further investments. For several weeks, we have been analyzing various scenarios, taking into account both the early repayment of bonds and the acceleration of work on a new title. The priority now is to increase the profitability of ongoing operations. We will choose the scenario that will make it possible to the greatest extent” - emphas Jarosław Wojczakowski, CEO of Vivid Games.

The Real Boxing 2 team is continuously working on the strategic goal of USD 1 million in monthly revenues. In September, game revenues amounted to approx. USD 0.4 million. In recent weeks, the game has introduced significant changes affecting the effectiveness of monetization. The production calendar is full of ambitious plans for the coming months. “Real Boxing 2 maintains a very good positioning in both the Apple App Store and Google Play. The weakening of the results was caused, on the one hand, by the economic downturn, visible in the entire market. On the other hand, a replacement for the user attribution tool. The new system took time to adapt, but now it allows for more effective and predictable UA campaigns” - explains Bartosz Biniecki, Product owner of Real Boxing 2. In Q4, we remain focused on deepening user engagement, which translates into monetization. In August, we introduced the ability to fight live-ops campaign hosts joining the game at least once a month. We are also on the eve of the launch of the so-called news bar, which will enable ongoing communication with players. At the same time, we are preparing for the most important holidays of the year, focusing on US users. We are ready for Halloween, we are finishing work on Black Friday campaigns. Already at this point, we are preparing for the Christmas season and the new year. Additionally, for the first time, we will present offers related to the most important sports event in the USA - Superbowl. I am convinced that the effects of these activities will be visible." - adds Bartosz Biniecki.