Vivid Games presented the results for 2020. The company focuses on investments in new titles.


Vivid Games generated consolidated sales revenues at a record level of over PLN 27 million and generated almost PLN 3 million in operating profit in 2020, according to the published annual report for 2020. The results do not differ significantly from the preliminary results presented by the company in January. In the coming months, the company plans to focus on acquiring new titles to its portfolio.

“2020 was a demanding year for us, but we coped with many challenges and stabilized our revenues at a high level. Looking to the future, we want to use the next months to develop and expand the current portfolio. We will focus on its quantitative and qualitative enrichment. Thanks to securing additional funds for investments in the form of a flexible, revolving loan, we have much more freedom in deciding when to purchase the next game. The paid user acquisition strategy created and verified in 2020 will be continued and extended to new titles. We are also focusing on the development of analytics and we are starting  to implement machine learning solutions in games." - summarizes the president of Vivid Games, Jarosław Wojczakowski.

Real Boxing 2 and Knights Fight 2 will be the first to test the effectiveness of machine learning solutions.

“We are currently introducing solutions based on Machine Learning (ML) in the process of acquiring players, where, based on their early activities and the events generated by them, we predict revenue generated from both micropayments and advertising. This approach will allow for the assessment and constant monitoring of the quality of users acquired within AU and an early response to less profitable campaigns. In the coming months, we plan to implement ML solutions in the retention processes of our key games (Real Boxing 2 and Knights Fight 2 for now) by anticipating players willing to churn out. This information will allow to build retention processes adequate to the behaviors presented by players. We also plan for this quarter to support monetization in Real Boxing 2 by using ML methods to tailor an offer for a specific player that will maximize his willingness to make a purchase. In the longer term, we will support the monetization processes in subsequent titles not only by selecting specific offers at the player level, but also by their prices. However, this is not the end of our plans in using ML. We want to identify cheats, support monetization, the game economy, or control the difficulty of the game to maximize player satisfaction." - explains the ambitious plans of Vivid Games Katarzyna Czesak - Woytala who manages the Machine Learnig department in the company.

In April, the company presented preliminary results for the first quarter of 2021. The company's revenues for the first three months of 2021 are estimated at PLN 5.2 million. The company also started to recover from the loss from February, generating 40k PLN net profit in March.

The premiere of the anime-inspired dating simulator Eroblast will take place this quarter. The debut of Mythical Showdown was announced at the turn of the second and third quarter, and thanks to cooperation with QubicGames, several titles from the company's portfolio, including Real Boxing 2 and Mayhem Combat, will be available on Nintendo Switch in the coming months. The mobile card game Mobbles Cards, already acquired as part of the publishing program, is in the soft launch phase.