Vivid Games makes higher incomes.


Almost 95% of the incomes of Vivid Games get higher in first quarter of 2019 r. in comparison with analogic period of the last year.  Company from Bydgoszcz continues works on titles from th mid-core segment, with Zombie Blast Crew in it, which will debute in III quarter of 2019 r.

In the first quarter of 2019 r. Vivid Games made over 2,67 mln incomes from selling, which means  almost as twice incomes from analogic period of last year. Incomes generate not only published in last months of 2018 r.  Space Pioneer or Gravity Rider, but also most likeable from players  Real Boxing series, which within over 6 years created a society of over 66 mln players from around the world. Operational costs were in a similar level as in last year, but the structure changed. Optimalization of organizational structure, by which management said already in yearly raport allowed on smaller contribution worker’s costs  in whole expenses. At the end of march on partnership’s account were over 2,7 mln PLN. Management  ensures, that on current charge of risk connected with repayment financial obligation.

First quarter of 2019r. is a period of intensive works on drawing in new strategy. In march to global distribution came two first titles from new hyper-casual segment – Pocket Mini Golf and Endless Lake. The works have also started in mid core segment– Zombie Blast Crew, which will debute in the third quarter this year.

- In I quarter we entered works connected with production of Zombie Blast Crew game, as well as other unexpected yet inside titles from mid-core segments. We also started publishing hyper-casual games. By using publishing program we search and test new  games, and our target is still dynamic expanding games portfolio, and also it’s diversification in segments, thematics, distribution channels and  incomes from advertisment and micropayment.  We make also many updates of available games, which affect positively on the metrics. We work also on realization of B+R projects - says Remigiusz Kościelny, CEO of Vivid Games.