Vivid Games has entered into a game production agreement with BoomBit S.A. Easy Boxing is another point of the new strategy implemented by the Company.


Vivid Games has entered into a game production agreement with BoomBit S.A.

Easy Boxing is another point of the new strategy implemented by the Company.

According to the business strategy for the coming years, announced in April 2023, Vivid Games is focusing on establishing strategic partnerships and developing mobile games. The agreement with BoomBit S.A. fits perfectly into this direction. Using the experience gained from years of working on Real Boxing, Vivid Games will create a casual boxing game, which will be promoted and scaled via UA (paid user acquisition) by BoomBit. The deal gives both parties a chance for synergy and could be the beginning of cooperation in more fields.

The agreement with BoomBit is important for the Company for several reasons. Firstly, it is a proof of successful implementation of the business strategy, secondly, it allows further expansion of the Studio's key brand and thirdly, it may be the beginning of a broader cooperation with BoomBit, which has a lot in common with the Bydgoszcz-based Company.

"Easy Boxing will be a casual production, it will go to a different audience than Real Boxing 2 or the planned for next year - Real Boxing 3. So there are no concerns about mutual cannibalization. That does not mean, however, that the title will be devoid of sports excitement. I assure you that the game we will release will stir up emotions and give both  comapnies another chance for success" - emphasizes Lukasz Kaminski, who will lead the Easy Boxing production team on the Vivid Games side.

"The work on Easy Boxing is a combination of the knowledge and experience our development team gained working on the Real Boxing series and BoomBit's successful approach to paid user acquisition and scalability. In addition, as I declared during the strategy presentation, we are expanding the Real Boxing brand universe, and casual Easy Boxing is the first step. I'm also excited about the knowledge, experience, and capabilities synergy between the Vivid Games and Boombit teams. Both companies have great experience and know-how in mobile games, but we can still learn from each other. I would like to see our cooperation not end with a single contract" - Vivid Games CEO Piotr Gamracy adds.