Swords, armor and pistols in the Vivid Games publishing plan.


Vivid Games became the sole publisher of Knights Fight 2 and The Cash: Criminal Mastermind created by Shori Games. Both games are high-quality 3D titles from the mid-core segment.

Existing since 2015, Shori Games based in Minsk has created the Knights Fight game, which has been downloaded by over 3 million users. Knights Fight 2 is a sequel to the combat simulator set in the Middle Ages. The game focuses on 1 on 1 duels offering an extensive gameplay system and a rich arsenal of weapons and gear. In addition to the single player metagame focused on creating inventory and arenas, a multiplayer mode is also provided. The product will soon be in the soft launch phase, and the world premiere is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2020.

Both products already at the current stage of production present high quality and addressing, similar to the Real Boxing brand, an attractive niche. Thanks to the signed contract, our portfolio will expand to include two mid-core games with high commercial potential. We are also considering commercializing Games on other platforms, including Nintendo Switch - comments Remigiusz Kościelny, CEO of Vivid Games.

The Cash: Criminal Mastermind is a unique combination of strategy and action game in which the player, managing a group of mercenaries, plans and performs another spectacular assault. The uniqueness of the project consists in combining elements of team management and development with an action based on an election system and actions from a TPP perspective (Third Person Perspective). So it's a combination of economically addictive meta-game and an action game. The premiere is scheduled for the first quarter of 2021. Both products aim at the player who requires the highest quality, while allowing monetization by both microtransactions and ad display.

In 2020, Vivid Games plans to release a total of 15 premier mobile games, including the mid-core RPG game Amusing Heroes and sports SMOOTS: Summer Games. Most of the portfolio will also go to Nintendo Switch in cooperation with QubicGames: Real Boxing 2, Mayhem Combat, Godfire as well as smaller casual games.