QubicGames will relase Vivid Games projects on Nintendo Switch.


Porting and releasing at least 8 titles of Vivid Games on Nintendo Switch anticipating general outline contract sign with QubicGames. On Nintendo will subsist Gravity Rider Zero, Space Pioneer and casual games catalogue. 

In first place to selling on the Switch platform will go racing game Gravity Rider Zero, shooter game Space Pioneer and chosen casual games. For porting and releasing games on Nintendo Switch in general outline contract responsible will be QubicGames, which became an expert, when it comes to earning on japanese platform. Until now they released on Switch more than 20 games, selling over 1 200 000 pieces.

- Most games from our portfolio fits well on Nintendo Switch platform, and a initial analysis shows it’s high commercial potencial. We are counting that in the cooperation with  QubicGames we will be able to  get  to bigger amount of players, diversificationing as well as  selling channels and business model, which in current moment is based on free-to-play model. These actions should bring a rational increase of profits already in 2019 and next years. - says Remigiusz Kościelny, CEO of Vivid Games.  First games on Switch will be in selling in 2019.

– Contract stays open. If selling effects will be satisfying, on Switch will come more games – both from mid-core segment and casual. Our goal is a productive commercialization  of our whole game portfolio as possible as it can be - says Kościelny.

Until now Nintendo Switch console selled in almost 40 milion pieces. Almost all experts on the market are consistent, that consol salesment will go over 100 million units,  but more often it is said about 150 million. – Personally I’m more close to 100 million, but considering the foreshadow of next console, mainly addressed to fans of mobile devices

I’m not excepting the record of all time. Considering a not big competition in comparison with other platforms, Nintendo Switch for a long time will be a great platform to make money - comments Jakub Pieczykolan, CEO of QubicGames.