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Piotr Gamracy

Piotr Gamracy


Since 2009, he has been associated with the video game industry. As a Producer and Studio Manager at Sointeractive, he built a Studio supporting the video game industry in the production of motion capture and cinematics. Later, he held managerial positions in, i.a., Alwernia Studios sp.z o.o., Alwernia Action sp.z o.o. or Netent Poland sp.z o.o., where he created a casino games studio and co-created a global development strategy for four branches (Getheborg, Kraków, Stockholm and Kiev). Member of the Supervisory Board of Simteract S.A. and a mentor in the startups Swipers Games, Pocket Fun and Gateway VR Studio.
He sets the bar high and has extensive experience in creating and implementing a product strategy. Prefers a holistic approach to business, is determined and open to new business development opportunities.