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05 04 2018

Vivid Games published financial report for 2017. Premieres of 3 new titles are really close.

Vivid Games generated almost 9,5 million PLN revenue in consolidated financial statement for 2017. At the same time operating cost have been reduced by 3,7 million PLN. The portfolio of Vivid’s games will be extended with 3 high quality tittles: Space Pioneer, Metal Fist and the game from publishing program – Gravity Rider in next few months. The 2017 was very crucial for Vivid Games. It has been proven that thanks to good performance of our older products the Company is able to generate stable revenue even without significant premieres. – Almost everything from 9,5 mln PLN annual revenue comes from Real Boxing brand. RB titles are still the most popular games in our portfolio. In 2017 we were focused on creating new products, free-to-play model knowledge accumulation and optimalization inside the production processes. We are sure the effects of our effort will be visible in each game announced for 2018 – comments Remigiusz Kościelny, CEO of Vivid Games. – The net lo...

09 03 2018

The game from Vivid Games Publishing in Bemobi Channel.

Gravity Rider is available for Android system users. Brazilian company Bemobi Media w Entretenimento LTDA manages the distribution of the racing game – Gravity Rider (Moto: Hot Track) in Latin America, Central Europe and Middle East. Free to play versions will be completed following months. Vivid Games has started the distribution of Gravity Rider on March 9th thanks to cooperation with Bemobi Media e Entretenimento LTDA located in Rio de Janeiro – The game is already fully playable so we could start its distribution earlier. The Android version, that will be available in Bemobi channel is fully playable. Free to play mechanism are not implemented because business-wise they are unnecessary in the subscription model. – informs Remi Kościelny CEO of Vivid Games. Gravity Rider is a high quality racing game based on competition between users. The tittle offers several dozens of tracks where speed and precision are the keys to winning. – Several-months long soft launch phase p...

08 03 2018

Vivid Games has established the publishing road map for 2018.

Vivid Games has established the publishing road map for 2018. Metal Fist and Space Pioneer launch in the first half of year. Three mobile titles from Vivid Games will be released before the end of August. The action game Space Pioneer goes to app stores as a first in May, the fighting game Metal Fist will be next in June, and the racing game from publishing program – Gravity Rider has its premiere in August. All of the announced games offer players high quality, engaging gameplay and outstanding visual effects. They’re also focused on the online interactions in both cooperative and competitive modes. – We’re pleased with the increasing value of each game. The metrics growing with every single update, great players notes and satisfying focus-test results fill us with the optimism. – says Remi Kościelny, CEO of Vivid Games. Currently we implement last functionalities while focusing on the game balance and the highest achievable technical quality. We’re adding final t...

26 10 2017

Gravity Rider has started. Space Pioneer and Metal Fist available in the first half of 2018.

Vivid Games announced that the launches of Space Pioneer and Metal Fist will take place in the first half of 2018. According to the company’s management board, this will increase the commercial potential of both games. This week, “Gravity Rider” (previously, Moto: Hot Tracks), another game from the Bydgoszcz company stable, was soft-launched. Metal Fist and Space Pioneer are the most advanced games in the history of Vivid Games. Under the condition of optimal refinement of the monetization mechanisms, both titles have the potential to achieve significantly higher revenues than the hit Real Boxing series, which generated a total of PLN 44 million of revenue since its launch. “Space Pioneer and Metal Fist are fully playable. We are satisfied with the quality of the game and its reception by players. Nevertheless, based on analysis of the data, we calculated that we can increase the value of both games and therefore the revenue from continuation of creative work and the produc...

20 04 2017

Real Boxing Manny Pacquiao out now!

The award-winning Real Boxing franchise, excelling at bringing the true boxing experience to mobile since 2012, has been enjoyed by over 45 million players around the globe to date. Today marks the beginning of a new exciting round — through a partnership between the series developer Vivid Games and GTOKEN, a free-to-play title Real Boxing Manny Pacquiao debuts on both the Apple App Store and Google Play! It is the only mobile game on the market featuring the fan-favorite Manny Pacquiao, widely considered to be one of the best boxers of all time. “Boxing is my love and I hope to share my passion with fans through Real Boxing. If you’ve been supporting me, I’m really thankful and I’ll be happy if you win one of the unique boxing gloves sets I signed especially for my biggest fans and the best Real Boxing players” commented Manny Pacquiao. In the feature-filled Real Boxing Manny Pacquiao players can compete in a variety of game modes. From kic...

03 04 2017

Real Boxing® Manny Pacquiao pre-registration opens!

The next installment in the biggest mobile boxing franchise releases later this month and for those who cannot wait any longer to enter the ring a pre-registration page has opened. Anyone signing up will not only get a notification when the game is out but also secures a chance to win a unique set of boxing gloves signed by the legendary Manny Pacquiao himself! In Real Boxing® Manny Pacquiao players will have the opportunity to become the fan-favorite Pac-Man, the champion widely regarded to be one of the greatest boxers of all time and the only one to claim championship titles in eight different boxing divisions. By competing in tournaments and dominating online fights, everyone can go the distance and prove to be worthy of becoming the next boxing legend. The pre-registration site is available here. Real Boxing® Manny Pacquiao is set to release on the Apple App Store and Google Play on April 20th.

27 02 2017

Highway Getaway release due next month!

March the 9th is the date when Highway Getaway, a racing game from Vivid Games’ publishing portfolio, will become available to download from App Store and Google Play. To intensify the promotional campaign, a pre-registration activation was launched, the aim of which is building a community around the game before its release. – We aim to reach a wide audience interested in short racing-themed game sessions. The gameplay and monetization is transparent; the game is highly optimized and has low hardware requirements, despite its high visual quality. We believe, that the game presents high potential, which we aim to utilize for a long time – Remigiusz Koscielny, CEO, Vivid Games The promotional campaign will cover a VIP Club preregistration, offering unique in-game prizes after the launch, and a global Grand Tournament with physical, valuable prizes. The game will also be presented this week during GDC Conference in San Francisco. Visit highwaygetaway...

06 02 2017

Newest Real Boxing 2 ROCKY™ update.

In the latest Real Boxing 2 ROCKY update the lottery system got a complete overhaul – with the LOTTERY ROYALE the Lottery has been rebuilt from the ground up to give players even more engaging and fun experience, with new cards, new prizes, new unlockables – it’s Vegas, baby! Players can now unlock additional boxing gear and ever boxer skins in the Lottery draw! And with the Lottery Royale must have come the Grand Lottery Royale Tournament, where players will be able to win big as never before! For Real Boxers who think they own the game – they are going to be proven wrong! Real Boxing 2 ROCKY™ LOTTERY ROYALE update is available now as a free download on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

26 01 2017

The first Road Hopper content update

The first Road Hopper content update is live! The update brings content connected with ‘Super Bowl’ and Chinese New Year themes. Road Hopper is a fine combination of popular endless-runner and tapper genres. It’s a joyful and humorous game offering fun amongst pixel politics, ‘Super Bowl’ universe, amazing world of Chinese New Year celebration and many more! More information about Road Hopper game can be found on an official fanpage and on the website. Download from Apple App Store. Download from Google Play.

15 12 2016

Road Hopper out now!

Two months after joining forces, Vivid Games Publishing and Romanian indie developer Art Dynasty have released a casual free-to-play game Road Hopper: Crazy Santa, the first game published via Vivid Games’ publishing program. Filled with joy and humor, Road Hopper is a mix of what casual mobile players cater for. The unique blend of popular genres – an endless runner and a tapper, along with the graphic style loved by players all over the world results in simple yet addictive gameplay. In the game players are tasked with jumping and avoiding upcoming obstacles – the longer they can keep at least one of five characters alive, the higher the score. Together with the initial release, come packed the Crazy Santa levels as well – just in time for Christmas. “Publishing our very first game with Vivid Games is a great opportunity for our small indie studio. Vivid Games has given us the care and attention we hoped for, ensuring that our creative vision remaine...

12 12 2016

Real Boxing 2 ROCKY™ Xmas update.

Get Ready for the holidays – Festive updates including: new Christmas mode – experience a whole new, amazing, Christmas Mode – three new and unique bosses to fight against, including Reindeer Man, Iceberg and the Santa himself; new holiday tournaments – a new set of Holiday tournaments – for a limited time only, win unique and special prizes; new Christmas theme in menu – complete with a merry jingle and falling snow; new lottery cards – what can you draw from under the Christmas Tree? Discounted in-app purchases – because we feel the spirit of giving! Real Boxing 2 ROCKY™ Xmas update is available now as a free download on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

06 12 2016

Vivid Games to co-produce and publish innovative action sci-fi shooter.

Outer Pioneer, an action sci-fi shooter with RPG elements will be launching on mobile via Vivid Games Publishing in Q4 2017. Outer Pioneer (code name) is being primarily developed by a British studio Game Odyssey and will be published as a free-to-play title. Aimed towards mid-core gamers, it blends action and RPG into one innovative sci-fi shooter. Players will be exploring galaxies depicted via unique art direction, taking up dangerous, challenging quests and invading fierce enemy fortresses. Building on the single player mode, experienced explorers will also be able to test their skills in an intense player-vs-player multiplayer action, while a wide range of daily and weekly in-game events will keep the galaxy alive. „Much-loved by gamers, sci-fi titles appeal to a broad audience and are often featured on the top of the Apple App Store and Google Play. We believe Outer Pioneer has a unique take on this popular genre and the dev team is onto something sp...

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“It has been a great experience to work with Vivid Games. They were not just a good publisher for our mobile game, Highway Getaway Chase TV, but they have improved the product beyond our expectation. Vivid Games took care of promotion marketing, promotion, live operation and has been active on social media, just to name a few territories they took over that we, as a developer could not handle ourselves. Looking forward to working with Vivid Games again.”
Tomas Kozak, CEO of Invictus.

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The fastest feedback and most qualified people make you feel like a part of one big team of professionals each member of which is deeply involved in the developing process."
Alex Petrus, CEO of Fontes.

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