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13 08 2019

Zombie Blast Crew will scare you on Halloween. The premiere of Gravity Rider Zero in August.

Vivid Games announced dates of two premieres from the mid-core segment. Gravity Rider Zero will appear on the Apple App Store and Google Play on August 26th. The premiere of Zombie Blast Crew is planned in Halloween. In this year company plans to send ten more mobile games from the casual segment, and also first titles for theNintendo Switch. „Gravity Rider Zero” is a continuation of brand Gravity Rider, which went to 6,5 mln users till this time. It will offer the gamers 100 routes and 20 vehicles. It will appear also on the Nintendo Switch platform. Official premiere on the Apple App Store will be on 26th of August. It will also debut on the Google Play. – We used tested gameplay to modify structure of the game so it would better fit in to the expectations of the players. We changed the monetization by focusing on publicity formats, subcription and direct purchase of cars  – says Remigiusz Kościelny, CEO of Vivid Games. ­– We have wide plans to concern about this br...

24 07 2019

Quasu will offer testing automation platform to developers worldwide. Vivid Games is starting with the new business line.

  Quasu, that’s the name of new subsidiary under Vivid Games control. It’ll offer the access to the innovative testing automation platform to mobile games companies  from around the world. First revenues are expected this year. – We have an amazing opportunity to create a new link in the process of mobile games production. Thanks to high quality and lack of direct competitors – Quasu may become one of the leaders of those services in the world.– announces Remigiusz Kościelny, CEO of Vivid Games. – To ensure efficient functioning we decided to separate the target company, which will be responsible for further development and commercialization of Quasu technology. We expect first clients and revenues this year. – adds Kościelny. Quasu it’s an IT tool, which enter the test automation to the mobile games development process.  The Platform enables many-sided tests for example  in terms of performance, stability, localization and functional tests on iOS and ...

12 07 2019

QubicGames will relase Vivid Games projects on Nintendo Switch.

Porting and releasing at least 8 titles of Vivid Games on Nintendo Switch anticipating general outline contract sign with QubicGames. On Nintendo will subsist Gravity Rider Zero, Space Pioneer and casual games catalogue.  In first place to selling on the Switch platform will go racing game Gravity Rider Zero, shooter game Space Pioneer and chosen casual games. For porting and releasing games on Nintendo Switch in general outline contract responsible will be QubicGames, which became an expert, when it comes to earning on japanese platform. Until now they released on Switch more than 20 games, selling over 1 200 000 pieces. – Most games from our portfolio fits well on Nintendo Switch platform, and a initial analysis shows it’s high commercial potencial. We are counting that in the cooperation with  QubicGames we will be able to  get  to bigger amount of players, diversificationing as well as  selling channels and business model, which in current moment is based on free-to-p...

27 06 2019

New casual games in Vivid Games portfolio. At least 10 premieres by the second half of the year.

By the end of 2019 to the shops will appear, next to the announced Zombie Blast Crew and Gravity Rider Zero, 8 new casual games. Among them will appear i.a. Neon Bliss – continuation of the hit Neon Mania and boxing game   New titles of Vivid Games from casual games segment are described by interesting gameplay mechanics and easy manoeuvring. In the same time they offer more content with very visible progress of the player. Monetization is leaning on  advertisment formats, subscribction and ability of  direct  product shopping. – After testing several games from hyper-casual segment we made correction of the program in product area. Casual games, that we plan on publish from now  will stay easy in manoeuvring and being  interesting, and what we change is: topics – from abstract to realistic, construction – from hyper-easy to more developed, characteristic in casual games and form of monetization – with only advertisment we are expanding it for sunscribtion a...

12 06 2019

Vivid Games is expanding the portfolio. Premiere of Gravity Rider Zero in August.

In the third quarter to distribution on mobile platforms iOS and Android will land Gravity Rider Zero –continuation of racing brand. New title will characterize gameplay and much more enriched  content in comparison with the last one. In the second screening of Gravity Rider brand will be at least 20 vehicles, over 100 routes and unique, personalized collections. Monetization of Gravity Rider Zero will be based on a advertisment formats, subscribction and the ability of direct purchase of a single vehicles. – We are going forward players expectations and we follow the market trends. The biggest asset of the brand is based on physics, refined in a smallest gameplay details presenting motocycle races. Gravity Rider Zero is mainly focused on gameplay, simplifies progression of a player and structure of  meta-game – Remigiusz Kościelny informs, CEO of Vivid Games. With new title we hope for  to reach  to as many players as we can, as if  in a bigger step based on a well p...

09 05 2019

Vivid Games makes higher incomes.

Almost 95% of the incomes of Vivid Games get higher in first quarter of 2019 r. in comparison with analogic period of the last year.  Company from Bydgoszcz continues works on titles from th mid-core segment, with Zombie Blast Crew in it, which will debute in III quarter of 2019 r. In the first quarter of 2019 r. Vivid Games made over 2,67 mln incomes from selling, which means  almost as twice incomes from analogic period of last year. Incomes generate not only published in last months of 2018 r.  Space Pioneer or Gravity Rider, but also most likeable from players  Real Boxing series, which within over 6 years created a society of over 66 mln players from around the world. Operational costs were in a similar level as in last year, but the structure changed. Optimalization of organizational structure, by which management said already in yearly raport allowed on smaller contribution worker’s costs  in whole expenses. At the end of march on partnership’s account were over 2,7 mln...

18 03 2019

Another two hyper-casual titles in tests. Pocket Mini Golf found appreciation in players from China.

Pocket Mini Golf, first game in publishing programme.  Hyper-casual games went to 3 place of the list  gladly downloaded sports games in China. Channel Spiegel announced app game of the week highlighting pleasure from simple but engageing gameplay. In this week to soft-lunch phase will land another two titles, and on 28  of march will be the premiere of Endless Lake. – Title shows big potencial. The key for it’s commercial success is to raise  big numer of users and keep them for the longest in game. That’s what we are focusing on–  underlines Maciej Byczyński, who is looking after hyper-casual programme in Vivid Games. Pocket Mini Golf landed to Apple App Store and Google Play in last week. Game being simulation of mini golf is an over 50 levels on diverse difficulty in esthetic graphic casing. – As other hyper-casual titles, Pocket Mini Golf monetizies through displayed advertisment formats. This type of monetization always was our strong point and we are pla...

29 06 2018

Mayhem Combat available on the Apple App Store. Vivid Games starts with its biggest production.

Mayhem Combat is the biggest production in the history of Vivid Games. At the same time Mayhem Combat is the second title (after Space Pioneer) published by Studio this year. Innovative fights, multiplayer and unique artistic setting guarantee crowd of fans. In the first week of distribution the Game is offering Mayhem Tournament in which the rank leader can get 1000 $! Mayhem Combat bases on multiplayer game and offers a few game modes like classic 1v1, Tg Battle and Mayhem Royale for 10 players. It contains also the campaign for single player. Game dynamism and variety are provided thanks to unique combat system for each character and nature forces connected with equipment. The creative courage is this what we need creating innovative games. Working on Mayhem Combat required also patience, because lots of elements we had to change before the final effect was achieved. In my opinion we accomplished quite a lot – the game is truly beautiful, involves, engages and offers very deep exp...

25 06 2018

Space Pioneer with 1.000.000 downloads.

In just three weeks after the hard launch on the Apple App Store the game has been download by over million players around the world. Among the best grossing countries are markets like USA, China, Japan, Great Britain and South Korea. Firs update will be available for players in the first half of July. In last week Space Pioneer had its debut on Android platform via Google Play and Samsung Galaxy Apps. Similarly to iOS premiere the tittle was visible in the important ranks and received very good notes from players. Till today the best grossing countries are those most crucial like USA, China and Japan. In next few months lots of novelty will be added into game e.g. new game modes, armor, weapon and robot personalization, opponents with new gameplay mechanisms and buildings helpful during space base developing. The firs update will be send to the stores in 3 weeks. Million downloads during the premiere weeks is a good result. Players are very active and engaged which is visible in high ...

05 04 2018

Vivid Games published financial report for 2017. Premieres of 3 new titles are really close.

Vivid Games generated almost 9,5 million PLN revenue in consolidated financial statement for 2017. At the same time operating cost have been reduced by 3,7 million PLN. The portfolio of Vivid’s games will be extended with 3 high quality tittles: Space Pioneer, Metal Fist and the game from publishing program – Gravity Rider in next few months. The 2017 was very crucial for Vivid Games. It has been proven that thanks to good performance of our older products the Company is able to generate stable revenue even without significant premieres. – Almost everything from 9,5 mln PLN annual revenue comes from Real Boxing brand. RB titles are still the most popular games in our portfolio. In 2017 we were focused on creating new products, free-to-play model knowledge accumulation and optimalization inside the production processes. We are sure the effects of our effort will be visible in each game announced for 2018 – comments Remigiusz Kościelny, CEO of Vivid Games. – The net lo...

09 03 2018

The game from Vivid Games Publishing in Bemobi Channel.

Gravity Rider is available for Android system users. Brazilian company Bemobi Media w Entretenimento LTDA manages the distribution of the racing game – Gravity Rider (Moto: Hot Track) in Latin America, Central Europe and Middle East. Free to play versions will be completed following months. Vivid Games has started the distribution of Gravity Rider on March 9th thanks to cooperation with Bemobi Media e Entretenimento LTDA located in Rio de Janeiro – The game is already fully playable so we could start its distribution earlier. The Android version, that will be available in Bemobi channel is fully playable. Free to play mechanism are not implemented because business-wise they are unnecessary in the subscription model. – informs Remi Kościelny CEO of Vivid Games. Gravity Rider is a high quality racing game based on competition between users. The tittle offers several dozens of tracks where speed and precision are the keys to winning. – Several-months long soft launch phase p...

08 03 2018

Vivid Games has established the publishing road map for 2018.

Vivid Games has established the publishing road map for 2018. Metal Fist and Space Pioneer launch in the first half of year. Three mobile titles from Vivid Games will be released before the end of August. The action game Space Pioneer goes to app stores as a first in May, the fighting game Metal Fist will be next in June, and the racing game from publishing program – Gravity Rider has its premiere in August. All of the announced games offer players high quality, engaging gameplay and outstanding visual effects. They’re also focused on the online interactions in both cooperative and competitive modes. – We’re pleased with the increasing value of each game. The metrics growing with every single update, great players notes and satisfying focus-test results fill us with the optimism. – says Remi Kościelny, CEO of Vivid Games. Currently we implement last functionalities while focusing on the game balance and the highest achievable technical quality. We’re adding final t...

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