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Real Boxing - Anniversary Update Godfire: Rise of Prometheus - Reforged Update Real Boxing - Power Update

Real Boxing Anniversary Update hits the App Store
27 November 2014

Real Boxing™ celebrates its knockout 2-year anniversary in November with the release of the Anniversary Update – out now on the Apple App Store.

Godfire™: Rise of Prometheus brings the heat with new update!
20 November 2014

Second major content update for Vivid Games and Platige Image action-adventure title makes the game better in almost every way, and is available now on the App Store.

Real Boxing™ now available on Android TV
04 November 2014

Vivid Games’ flagship game is available as part of the prestigious Launch Collection for the revolutionary new digital TV platform from Google.

Real Boxing™ breaks FREE on Android with the Power Update!
30 October 2014

Power Update – the latest update for Real Boxing™ – has been released today on Google Play, making the game available for FREE and introducing exciting new content.

Vivid Games is one of the most technologically advanced, independent development studios in Europe, and the biggest producer of mobile games in Poland. Passion and commitment for the task at hand, as well as striving for perfection in every field of activity, are the keystones of the Vivid’s philosophy. Vivid’s competitive edge stems from its meticulous design and state-of-the-art solutions, which combined with Vivid's unique proprietary technology enables swift porting of its games across various platforms. At the same time, the Company instantly responds to the ever-changing demands of consumers and the market.

Vivid Games was established in 2006, in Bydgoszcz (Poland) by experienced computer industry specialists. The company significantly contributes to the development of the video game industry worldwide via its offices in London and San Francisco. Players from all continents purchase Vivid Games’ products.

During its eight years, Vivid Games has created more than 150 projects, sustaining a long-term close relationship with globally renowned companies and brands, as well as gaining prominence as a development studio in the mobile and digital game market. Owing to these elements, Vivid Games' products are characterised by Digital Excellence.

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