Strategy - Vivid Games
Vivid Games


The key elements of the company’s strategy are:

  • Production and publishing of advanced mid-core mobile games in free-to-play model
  • Third-party titles publishing program
  • Launch of innovative in global scale mobile e-sport platform
  • Increased investment in R&D and in-house technology development
  • Developing and broadening colaborative partnership with key partners
  • Increased presence and revenues from Asian markets
  • Investments into world-class IP
  • Growth through M&A

Growth through M&A Implementation of the Strategy will strengthen the position of Vivid Games S.A. among the world leading mobile game developers. Focusing on the expansion into the Asian markets and increasing the number of games significantly boost the number of game users, which translates directly into sales revenue. R&D activities focus on the in-house technology development and data analysis, allowing ongoing projects to be responsive to players’ and market expectations.

In order to improve liquidity, increase transparency and investors’ reliance the company transferred its stock to the primary market of Warsaw Stock Exchange on September 30th, 2016.