Strategy - Vivid Games
Vivid Games


The Capital Group achieves strategic goals circled in the Startegy announced a year ago (Current report 35/2018).
To the most important activities from last monts and near future belong:

1. Production and publishing of free-to-play games.
2. Games distribution on the Nintendo Switch and PC platform as a part of diversification the platformss and distribution channels.
3. Development of new business lines.
4. Maximization of monetization metrics.
5. Intensification of marketing activities.

We’re innovative and dynamic. We work in small, agile teams and look after company culture and the quality of work environment. The games we publish originate from internal teams and external studios through our publishing program. The cutting-edge technologies we develop propel the competitiveness of our titles.

Vivid Games S.A. is a public company listed on Warsaw Stock Exchange in Poland having offices in Bydgoszcz and Warsaw.