Vivid Games presents results for February. The new CEO will soon present a plan for the Company's future.


Vivid Games presents results for February.

The new CEO will soon present a plan for the Company's future.

Piotr Gamracy, who has been Vivid Games' CEO since March 1, announces that the Company will soon present a new strategy that reflects its plans and is adequate to the potential inherent in the team.

In February, the Company maintained sales and earnings at levels similar to January's results. Cumulatively, it generated PLN 3.7 million in revenue, EBITDA is PLN 0.3 million, and at the end of February, the Company had PLN 0.8 million in its accounts.

"Despite the difficult situation in the gaming and User Acquisition markets, our result for February is in line with earlier assumptions. We are now focusing on the key titles from our portfolio and developing them. I have a vision of where the Company should be in a year and five years. We are currently verifying the ambitious plan with the opportunities and situation in the mobile market. Later in March, I will appear at the world's largest conference dedicated to the game industry - GDC in San Francisco, where I will confront my concepts with experts from various fields. I also plan to deepen relationships, with key partners for the future of Vivid Games. The new strategy should be ready to share with the world within a few weeks after returning from the US." - emphasizes Piotr Gamracy, CEO of Vivid Games S.A.

Eroblast and Real Boxing 2 remain the driving force behind the Bydgoszcz-based Studio. They also generated the vast majority of the Company's revenue in February. "The new blast title LoveNest, which went into global testing in the last days of January, needs time to build a community of engaged users, to whom it will offer content similar in its diversity to Eroblast's offering. Knights Fight 2 is also returning to form gradually, but the amount of revenue generated is in line with assumptions." - Gamracy adds.