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COMING H1 2018


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Lock and load! Explore the galaxy as an intergalactic bounty hunter. Discover new planets, chart incredible worlds and exterminate any aliens that stand in your way. On the battlefield, use the latest hi-tech weapons and unlock awesome new upgrades. Then get to building your own space base – customize & fortify so no threat can take it down!


  • Top-down shooter with RPG mechanics,
  • Unique art direction and atmospheric soundtrack,
  • Action-packed, tactical combat system,
  • Infinite missions: new objectives & enemies every time you play,
  • Character, weapons & skills progression,
  • Giant bosses to annihilate,
  • Fight for top scores & rewards with dynamic leaderboards,
  • The galaxy is alive: daily & weekly in-game events,
  • Build & manage your own space base.