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Ski Jumping Pro brings you the sheer adrenaline rush of hurtling your way down a snow-packed ski ramp as you compete for skiing gold. Featuring amazing 3D graphics, real ski-jumping courses, multiple tournaments, career mode, and an array of upgradeable items, Ski Jumping Pro is the ultimate winter sports thrill for mobile devices.

Ski Jumping Pro features incredibly intuitive controls that encourage you to nail the perfect launch and break records. The upgradeable character system and career mode add a huge amount of depth to the gameplay. You can compete to unlock new courses, clothing and equipment including gloves, boots, helmets, and skiis to boost your stats . Choose between two difficulty levels for endless replayability.

Ski Jumping Pro is a game for all ski jumping fans, but more demanding players can partake in difficult challenges that can make them feel excitement of true sportsmen!


  • Incredibly immersive sound and 3D graphics put you right in the heart of the action from your detailed character to amazing speed effects, sound design and detailed courses.
  • Take on 60+ events and choose from multiple play modes including Quick Jump, Career Mode and Pro mode
  • Control your character with one tap control accessible to novices or move on to advanced controls in Pro mode!
  • Customize your character and bolster your performance by earning in-game currency for upgrades and equipment such as gloves, skiis, helmets, boots and clothing.
  • Play as long as you want, unlock new levels as well as play in super challenging ‘+’ mode once you have mastered Pro mode.
  • Check your score on global leaderboards via Game Center and check your friends’ progress on Facebook