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Road Hopper is a full of humor casual arcade game – a mix of an endless runner and tapper. The title features a unique gameplay and well known, simple mechanics. Player controls 5 different characters standing in line. The goal is to jump over obstacles coming from behind by tapping the screen at the right time and keep these characters alive as long as possible. Each time a player loses a character he gains less points, and the game ends when the last one gets hit. Graphically, the game is designed in a very popular low-poly art style.


  • Full of humor casual arcade experience,
  • Mix of endless runner and tapper,
  • Simple, enjoyable gameplay mechanics designed for players of all ages,
  • Collection of crazy and hilarious characters from movies, games, sports and more,
  • Competitive dynamic background based on leaderboards,
  • Loved by the players low-poly art style,
  • Unique set of levels – from a city through Area 51 and many more,
  • Various power-ups to use to make the game even more fun!