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Embark with Lou on a journey through the beautiful Endless Lake. Your task is to NOT fall into the water and to collect coins on the way. You can jump to clear gaps or jump higher over bigger holes. Along the path, you will find the mysterious mirror gates, which hold the power to create copies of oneself. That’s up to four Lou walking over four different paths at once! Looking after four clones can be quite a handful, but it also means you will collect four times the coins 🙂 Speaking of: you can exchange these hard earned coins in the shop to unlock new skins for Lou (who really likes animal suits!) Just like all good experiences, it’s all about the journey, not the destination: Endless Lake is a journey to nowhere which will take you through an ever-changing scenery, from the shores of the lake to its darkest depth, to the skies and even above. Can you reach the stars? 🙂


  • Go on a charming journey across the endless lake
  • Jump! over the holes – do not fall into the endless lake
  • Double tap for a double jump to clear larger gaps
  • Pass mirror gates to clone Lou and control up to 4 clones
  • Collect coins to unlock cool skins
  • 4 gorgeous environments – can you make it to space?