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UA Specialist (Warsaw)

What are your duties?

  • Communicating with ad partners,
  • campaign optimisation and bid adjustment based on LTV, ROI, Yield, etc.,
  • source, test, evaluate advertising partners/networks with help of data,
  • innovate, develop and constantly improve UA activities,
  • run campaigns on a SaaS platform,
  • manage User Acquisition activity on programmatic DSPs and/or Rewarded video networks,
  • hands-on management, development and monitoring of large-scale user acquisition campaigns on different costs models,
  • manage and develop relationships with existing partner,
  • identify online media buying opportunities and negotiate tests to determine profitability of online campaigns.

What should you offer?

  • Experience in performance marketing (2+ years experience in acquisition/ad buying and analysis to deliver ROI),
  • experience in building and maintaining relationships with advertising partners and/or third-party technology providers,
  • experience in mobile gaming vertical (nice to have),
  • familarity with mobile tracking systems and BI tools,
  • familiarity with techniques to identify advertising fraud,
  • good communication skills in oral and written English (at least B2),
  • good negotiation skills (nice to have),
  • strong Microsoft Excel skills,
  • ability to monitor, analyze, and troubleshoot 3rd party mobile app tracking,
  • ability to work in a fast-paced environment against ambitious goals with little supervision.

What are we offering?

  • Opportunity for creative cooperation in the team of experienced professionals,
  • (ultra)dynamic work environment,
  • friendly and creative atmosphere,
  • competitive salary adequate to experience,
  • modern, conveniently located offices,
  • flexible working hours,
  • daily breakfasts, fresh fruit and drinks,
  • private health care package and financial support of sport activities,
  • relocation package.
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