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Road Hopper is a full of humor casual arcade game - a mix of an endless runner and tapper. The title features a unique gameplay and well known, simple mechanics. Player controls 5 different characters standing in line. The goal is to jump over obstacles coming from behind by tapping the screen at the right time and keep these characters alive as long as possible. Each time a player loses a character he gains less points, and the game ends when the last one gets hit. Graphically, the game is designed in a very popular low-poly art style.


  • Full of humor casual arcade experience,
  • Mix of endless runner and tapper,
  • Simple, enjoyable gameplay mechanics designed for players of all ages,
  • Collection of crazy and hilarious characters from movies, games, sports and more,
  • Competitive dynamic background based on leaderboards,
  • Loved by the players low-poly art style,
  • Unique set of levels - from a city through Area 51 and many more,
  • Various power-ups to use to make the game even more fun!

What's new in Road Hopper?

26 01 2017

The first Road Hopper content update

The first Road Hopper content update is live! The update brings content connected with 'Super Bowl' and Chinese New Year themes. Road Hopper is a fine combination of popular endless-runner and tapper genres. It's a joyful and humorous game offering fun amongst pixel politics, 'Super Bowl' universe, amazing world of Chinese New Year celebration and many more! More information about Road Hopper game can be found on an official fanpage and on the website.Download from Apple App Store.Download from Google Play.

15 12 2016

Road Hopper out now!

Two months after joining forces, Vivid Games Publishing and Romanian indie developer Art Dynasty have released a casual free-to-play game Road Hopper: Crazy Santa, the first game published via Vivid Games’ publishing program. Filled with joy and humor, Road Hopper is a mix of what casual mobile players cater for. The unique blend of popular genres - an endless runner and a tapper, along with the graphic style loved by players all over the world results in simple yet addictive gameplay. In the game players are tasked with jumping and avoiding upcoming obstacles – the longer they can keep at least one of five characters alive, the higher the score. Together with the initial release, come packed the Crazy Santa levels as well – just in time for Christmas.“Publishing our very first game with Vivid Games is a great opportunity for our small indie studio. Vivid Games has given us the care and attention we hoped for, ensuring that our creative vision remained uncompromised while maximizing th...

05 12 2016

Road Hopper release day date announced

Road Hopper game would be the first game from Vivid Games Publishing to be launched worldwide. The game will be released December 15th for iOS and December 22nd for Android. More information about Road Hopper game can be found on an official fanpage and on the website.

03 10 2016

First Vivid Games Publishing indie game

We are very happy to announce that we will be bringing Road Survivor to the Apple App Store and Google Play later this year as a part of our dynamically growing publishing initiative. Road Survivor is being developed by a talented Romania-based indie studio Art Dynasty and marks their first big step into casual mobile gaming.Following Heroes of Nox: Galactic Clash, Road Survivor will be the second third-party developed game to release in 2016 via Vivid Games Publishing. Therefore, while our earlier 2016-2017 plan encompassed one title launch this year and five the following year, it will now boast at least seven games, all with projected launches before the end of 2017. Other announced titles to date are Invictus Games' Prime Time Rush and Vivid Games own Metal Fist: Urban Domination.“We constantly observe and analyze the mobile games market and we can see how important it is for a game to have an interesting concept. You can be successful both with a robust, complex title for core gam...