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Godfire™: Rise of Prometheus is an action-adventure title unlike any other for mobile devices, that puts the players in the armor of Prometheus – a titan that defies the gods and embarks on an epic quest to save mankind. With jaw-dropping visuals and animations created in collaboration with Oscar-nominated animation studio Platige Image and powered by the Unreal Engine technology, the game lets you experience dynamic third-person combat against hordes of enemies, epic in scale story and boss battles. Free exploration of a unique world where myth meets technology, competitive Survival and Time Attack modes and endless character and play style customization, Godfire™: Rise of Prometheus delivers a truly console-quality experience on mobile devices.

Godfire™: Rise of Prometheus is available on the Apple App Store as a Premium title, and on Google Play for free.


  • Vicious combat against hordes of enemies and colossal, multi-phased boss battles
  • Free exploration of a unique world riddled with treasure, puzzles and secrets.
  • Next-gen quality visuals powered by Unreal Engine technology
  • Epic story based on the myth of Prometheus
  • Competitive Survival and Time Attack modes
  • Endless character and play style customization

What's new in Godfire™: Rise of Prometheus?

02 04 2015

Godfire™: Rise of Prometheus gets new update

Developer Vivid Games and the Academy Award-nominated animation studio, Platige Image, announced today that an enhanced version of the critically acclaimed action-adventure title, Godfire™: Rise of Prometheus, is now available on Google Play. The new version features an update, which has enhanced its visual fidelity for mobile devices powered by the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 805 processor with ground-breaking effects like dynamic hardware tessellation with displacement mapping and subpixel morphological antialiasing using GPU Compute. Other new additions include Google Play Games Cloud Save functionality letting players continue the adventure anywhere, anytime and on any compatible device, as well as a multitude of other gameplay improvements that make the experience sharper than ever. The Nexus 6 smartphone is the first mobile device to feature the Snapdragon processor-enhanced version of Godfire: Rise of Prometheus. Updates on additional devices supporting the enhanced version of the ...